Fiddlin’ Bear 2023

These images were taken at the 2023 Fiddlin’ Bear Old Time Musicians’ gathering.

Important announcement from the Guv’nors:

It’s our duty to report that this was our last year at Lake Genero, due to another change in the campground's ownership. However, we’re actively looking for another spot for this wonderful group to gather on Labor Day weekend. We’re willing to expand the geographic location - Catskills? Hudson Valley? Please put on your thinking caps, and if you have any ideas, please let us know. Click Here for email addresses to send your thoughts.

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Information about the 2024 Fiddlin’ Bear Gathering will be posted here in the Spring of 2024.

Here's a link to our FaceBook page.

Here’s Kathleen Sheehan’s Facebook album of the weekend.

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