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Next to the inn, there used to be a sail loft built up on these pillars. Boats would pull into the slip pictured above and sails would be lifted up through a trap door for repair.

The sail loft was damaged by an earthquake in 1843 and removed after further damage from a hurricane in 1871.

The room we stayed in is behind these two pillars. This section of the inn was originally the sickbay for the British Navy. The accommodations are much nicer now.

One problem with staying in an interesting place is that lots of other people think it is interesting too. There were lots of tour groups coming through. My parents and their friends Russell and June were in this very spot about ten years ago.

This panorama was assembled from five shots of Falmouth Harbor.

An interesting looking building on the walk from English Harbor to Falmouth Harbor. There was no sign indicating what it was, but people were frequently going in and out.

A late afternoon view of Falmouth Harbor.

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